The Peace Capital

Geneva is a truly extraordinary city, offering views on mountains, lakeshores and monumental buildings. You can take a close look when calmly floating along its streets. Citywheels provides three sightseeing tours. The Segways get you with fun and ease from one stop to the other.

Our Geneva Tours

The shortest tour (1.5 hours) takes you back in time, showing you the Old Town of the city and its rich history. The second tour (2.5 hours) focusses on today – Geneva's active role as centre of diplomacy. It leads you through beautiful parks to the most famous International Organisations.

If you cannot decide between Old Town and International, we recommend our tour of 3.5 hours, the All-In-One. The hours of sightseeing on the fresh air include enough breaks and relaxing places to recharge your batteries – while turning you into a Geneva expert.

Do you have an own tour in mind, where you would like to go to on a Segway? We offer you flexible tailor-made tours concerning schedule and location. Learn more about our Business and Individual options.